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The Home is a definite yes and Battle: Los Angeles drops to No.3 in Box Office.

I’ve been working heavily on Resident Evil Web so pardon me for not being on top with news lately. Michelle is in a new interview for ‘College Humor‘ as well as a skit involving a pillow fight. It’s pretty funny stuff, the interview is great as usual and she shows off her vast knowledge and dedication to the world.

Battle: Los Angeles drops to Number .3 in the Box Office. Rodriguez is also officially in ‘The Home‘. I’ve got some new magazine clippings of hers and a special surprise clipping I found at my local (but newly opened) ‘Savers’. A small thrift store-like shop that carries everything from CDs to books to magazines to DVDs, etc. She also wore a what I think is a cute purple-ish pearl colored dress with a peekaboo transparent gown that showed off some matching lace shorts. Though the ‘Fashion Police’ didn’t care for it. Who cares? One of the quotes from the clipping of the dress was.

“The fast and are you serious?”

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